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“Harry Potter”: The Top 5 Movie Differences from the Book

Many novel enthusiasts identify with J.K. Rowling as a legend for her impeccable as the Harry Potter books author. Her excellent work earned her series of Harry Potter paperbacks a place in Hollywood, much to the appreciation of billions worldwide.

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However, reading such different genres of books requires imagination and focus on being able to write well-constructed essays. Alternatively, you could use essay information from a website that collected essay samples on various topics. In fact, Rowling series of books are so popular that students in schools derive essay topics as part of their education coursework, and rightly so. Modern literature is rich in books about fantasy and adventure, particularly books about Harry Potter, which can be accessed from a given library.

While the television adaptations of the books remain successful, some instances left fans disappointed. This is because some aspects of the films were massively different from the original as depicted in the books.

Here are five major differences between the Harry Potter films and books.

Dumbledore and Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire

Dumbledore is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series. He is the headmaster of the wizarding school. One key difference between the Harry Potter book and the film Goblet of Fire is seen in their interaction.

In the film, Dumbledore aggressively and angrily has a conversation with Harry about having Harry’s name on the Goblet of fire. However, in the book, Dumbledore remains calm and polite during this particular conversation.

Not only that, but Dumbledore’s behavior in the film was different from what was portrayed in the book.

Voldemort and the Forcefield

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, Voldemort lashes out and destroys a forcefield surrounding Hogwarts. However, there is no such magical forcefield in the texts as portrayed in the film.

In fact, there is no dialogue here, just straight action as the wand cracks in a visually appealing cinematic moment. All of these scenes in the movie are not present in the book.

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Dumbledore Clash with Voldemort

Dumbledore’s duel with Voldemort is well described in the texts as portrayed in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. However, their confrontation is widely expanded in the film’s adaptation.

The film brings out a clash of the titan’s brawl as the two battle out for supremacy in a cinematic display of power. However, things are a little different in the text as their encounter is subtler than in the film.

The Dudley’s and Harry Interaction

In the books, Harry Potter’s relationship with Dudley’s is challenging because they dislike everything to do with magic. However, when Harry grows old and is about to leave their household, there is a heartfelt moment in which Dudley shakes his hands and thanks him.

However great this little moment is, the film adaptation of the book completely ignores it. Instead, it chooses to send the Dudley’s away.

Dumbledore’s Death

A sad moment in both the book and movie adaptation, Dumbledore’s murder was a key moment in the Harry Potter Franchise. However, in the text, his death was marked by grand funeral proceedings attended by everyone.

The film’s adaptation of the same chose to ignore the funeral proceedings completely.


The “Harry Potter” franchise has millions, if not billions, of fans around the world. However, not all these fans have read the books as often as they have watched the films. There are many details included in the book that are not included in some of the films and vice versa.

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