Website Cycles Through Endless Puppy Gifs- You’re Welcome

Having a bad day? Want something that might cheer you up? Well you should visit Open Puppies because if you love dogs, you will definitely find a reason to smile. is a website that cycles through nothing but puppy gifs! If you’re on the PC, all you have to do is hit the spacebar to change them. If you’re on mobile, you just have to tap the screen.

If you want to save the gif there is an option for that too! You just have to click at the bottom where it says “Get this Gif”. You can also upload by submitting your own and they give proper credit to each of their gifs if you hit the “Made by these fine folks” link.

It’s rare that a site can make you feel so fuzzy. YouTube dog videos can be hit or miss and you have to let it play through, with this you can just hit spacebar and viola! A new puppy gif to amuse you!

Check out Openpuppies here.

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