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Gengar Used Lick! Naptime Plushie of Our Favorite Ghost Pokémon

Gengar is probably one of my favorite Pokémon. Add that with one of my favorite things to do(napping fyi) and you have the perfect combination! Bandai Japan is now selling a Pokémon Gengar plush that is perfect for napping on. It has a long tongue so you can either pretend that it’s doing its iconic move “Lick” or you can just be like me and use it as a makeshift blanket.

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Bandai’s Product Listing

(I find this hilarious)

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You can sleep with Gengar’s tongue !? Gengar that you absolutely want to be licked is finally here !!

While sleeping on Gengar’s tongue, into Gengar’s mouth … Let’s all be licked by Gengar !!

Google translation Japanese to English from the official listing

The tongue is listed as 170cm which is 5.57 feet. So the perfect size to nap on for the average person. If you’re taller it would still cover your body but you’ll probably want another blanket for comfort.

It’s going for about $260 USD which is expensive but also… I mean look at it. It’s perfect!

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