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Buddhist Monk Covers Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”

Today I stumbled upon probably the best video I’ve seen in awhile- A Buddhist monk, covering Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” with traditional sounds of the temple. If you watch til one minute ten seconds in, you’ll see what I mean. This guy is amazing!

Kossan1108 on YouTube uploaded the video. He makes some modifications to the song, like the part where the lullaby comes in.

“Now I lay me down to sleep” has been replaced by “Shigu Seigan Mon: The Four Bodhisattva Vows”.

Which is a nice touch and makes it more unique to him.

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Metallica’s Black Album was one of the turning points in my musical enlightenment and to hear it covered like this makes me super happy. Music truly transcends borders and is universal. Keep rockin’ Mr. Monk.

You can follow him on Youtube here.

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