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5 Common Windows 10 Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

If you have a laptop that runs on the Windows 10 operating system, you will never once complain about versatility. From the clean user interface to the ease of functions on this platform, Windows 10 is a favorable operating system. But, with so many hidden features in this OS, you must keep an eye out for these hidden features for future use.

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Hidden Start Menu

While your laptop keyboard and the corner of your screen have a separate Windows start-menu, there is a common shortcut that the majority of people didn’t know of. This hidden Start menu packs in all the necessary features and functions including the taskbar, command prompt, and the functions that you need for seamless use. For this, you need to click on the Windows key + X shortcut from your keyboard.

Minimize inactive windows

One of the common issues that many users face is having multiple windows opened on their system. On Windows 10, you can minimize all of these inactive windows and only keep the active windows open. For doing this, all you need to do is grab the Windows icon through the title bar and then give it a little shake to minimize the inactive Windows.

Stop background apps

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One of the major reasons behind a lagging device is the multiple background applications that keep running without your command. If the same is happening to your device as well, you can command which apps will run and which ones won’t. This is especially important when you tether your phone with the laptop and often find your data running out. To choose which background apps will run, go to settings, and then to privacy and then to background apps and select the ones that you want running.

Print to PDF

This is another hidden feature on Windows 10 that comes in handy for business professionals. The print to PDF feature on Chrome is a favourite of several people. But, if you want a native option on your laptop right on your operating system, it is now available. It is available under every print dialogue box that opens up. You can print the page you want or you can save it as a PDF for future use.

Better Trackpad gestures

Aside from the host of keyboard shortcuts that you get to enjoy on the Windows 10 operating system, there are several trackpad gestures too. It is a lot similar to some of the Mac OS features, including the pinch to zoom or using two fingers to scroll up and down. Three fingers swipe up allows you to see the task view. These are just a few of the gestures. There are a lot more than you can explore.

If you didn’t know about these hidden Windows 10 operating system features, well, you know them now. So, make sure that you keep a check on these and check them out yourself for an easier user experience.

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