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What Michael Myers is Doing in Haddonfield Right Now with Halloween Cancelled

2020 has been absolutely awful, we can all agree on that, right? Perhaps one of the last bastions of joy and hope we had for this year of hell was Halloween, but of course due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic- that ain’t happening. But what about our Spooky Season traditions? What about the figures of Halloween? What about Michael Myers?

We’d like to bring your attention to Youtube user Andrew Kasch, and his video showcasing what the heck Michael Myers is doing with himself in Haddonfield now that Halloween is officially cancelled this year.

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In this very short but very well produced ode to John Carpenter‘s original “Halloween” film, Michael Myers stalks around an empty town, and sits on the iconic cement barrier where Jamie Lee Curtis kicks off her scream queen career while holding a pumpkin.

Check it out here.

So please- wear a mask. Do your part to make sure we can have Halloween in 2021.

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