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“Ghost of Tsushima” New Game Plus Mode Coming Next Week

There is still more to experience on the path of the samurai. New Game Plus mode is coming to “Ghost of Tsushima” next week.

According to the PlayStation blog, New Game Plus mode will be added to the game in version 1.1. Interestingly, this same update will add the highly-anticipated Legends co-op mode to the game as well. You must have completed the game’s campaign at least once to access New Game Plus.

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Since you already know the story, New Game Plus starts you off at the beginning of the open-world. This means you skip all of the game’s opening scenes with Jin charging into Khotun Khan’s fortress. During your initial playthrough, this is where you would choose your horse. Instead, you get an entirely new horse specifically for this mode. Your new horse is black with a gorgeous red mane. It also has its own saddle.

Your horse isn’t the only thing that’s different though. You will start your new game with all of the weapons, armor and charms you earned from your first playthrough. However, you will discover new charms and cosmetics available only in this mode. If that’s not enough, you will also be able to upgrade your weapons an additional rank. Completing activities throughout the world will earn you Ghost Flowers. These peculiar objects can be traded to a mysterious merchant in Ariake who will offer you new armor dyes and gear. It’s the same story you already experienced, just with a lot more items and equipment to uncover.

New Game Plus mode comes to “Ghost of Tsushima” on October 16.

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