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The Doodle Bear Turns 25 This Year

Remember the good old days of 1995? That’s when we were first introduced to the iconic Doodle Bear. The bear you could draw on and then throw in the wash. Here have a look at this amazing commercial that stole our hearts as kids.

Now for the 25th anniversary of the bear they are being redistributed and sold as vintage. Ouch lol, but still kind of cool. I remember playing with this thing for hours as a kid. Drawing tattoos and Sailor Moon all over it. Because of course even back then I was obsessed with Sailor Moon and anime. Now I have the chance to bring this back for my daughter and I’m of course going to get one.

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The Original Doodle Bear is back! Draw, stencil and doodle to decorate your bear. When you are ready to start the fun again just toss it in the washing machine and it comes out like new.

You can check out the website by clicking the link here.

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