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“Monster Hunter Rise” Pre-Order Bonuses and Editions

“Monster Hunter: World” has been a massive success for Capcom. Since its launch in early 2018, the game quickly became Capcom’s best-selling title of all time. It only makes sense for Capcom to keep the momentum going by announcing two new Monster Hunter titles: “Monster Hunter Rise” and “Monster Hunter Stories 2.” “Monster Hunter Rise” is the next mainline entry in the series and is releasing on March 26 for the Nintendo Switch.

What all can you expect for pre-order incentives or editions for this new title though? Well, let’s find out.

Pre-order Bonuses:

Screenshot Credit: Nintendo & Capcom

Regardless of what edition you choose, all players who pre-order the game will get three special bonuses:

  • Palamute Retreiver Costume layered armor
  • Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor
  • Novice Talisman (Gives you stat boosts that help with early game)

“Monster Hunter Rise” Editions:

There are three different editions to choose from ranging from standard to collector’s edition.

Standard Edition:

The standard edition comes with the base game and all pre-order bonuses. You can order the physical version from GameStop or the digital version on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $60.

Deluxe Edition:

The deluxe edition comes with the base game, all pre-order bonuses and some additonal goodies. These include:

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  • “Kamurai” Hunter layered armor set
  • “Shuriken Collar” Palamute layered armor piece
  • “Fish Collar” Palico layered armor piece
  • Samurai pose set
  • Gestures (4 Jumps)
  • Kabuki face paint
  • Izuchi tail hairstyle

Physical and digital versions are available for $70.

Collector’s Edition:

Image Credit: Nintendo & Capcom

If you are looking for all of the monster hunting goodness, then this is the edition for you. This edition comes with the base game, all pre-order bonuses, all of the deluxe edition content and more. You will also get:

  • A Kamura Mark enamel pin
  • A sticker set
  • A Magnamalo amiibo

Of course, this edition is only available as a physical version. You can grab it for $100 at GameStop.

Image Credit: Nintendo & Capcom

If all of this isn’t enough, there are three special amiibos launching with the game on March 26. You can grab Magnamalo, Palico or Palamute amiibos from GameStop. Currently, they are not available for pre-order. However, expect them to likely be under $20 a piece. So get out there and prepare for your next monster hunter adventure!

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