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Here’s a DIY Candy Slide That Keeps You 6ft From Trick-or-Treaters

Well it would seem that Los Angeles went back on their current mandate that said Trick-or-treating is prohibited. Now they are just saying that they don’t recommend it so we’ll see how that all works out. I was already considering alternatives for celebrating Halloween this year but now thanks to this video I may just make a social distancing candy chute. Check out this invention that allows you to still hand out candy to the kids.

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Propmakers Jaimie and Jay of Wicked Makers created this cool contraption that will distance you 6ft from trick-or-treaters if used properly. Now there’s no guarantee that the kids will be able to follow directions, but it’s still a neat idea. Also if you do go out make sure you mask up and gloves would probably be a good idea if only to protect yourself.

What will you be doing for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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