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This Ghibli Stained Glass on Etsy Will Take Your Breath Away

Stained Glass is a difficult profession. And unless you can dedicate lots of time to it odds are it’s going to be hard to work. That’s why when I see something of this quality craftmanship I always swoon over it. I mean, I can do stained glass which is why I understand the insane amount of professionalism that goes into every piece of art. And this Studio Ghibli stained glass piece is just breath taking.


Now if you want to know what goes into this kind of thing? It’s a lot of planning. First you have to make the pattern, which depending on your skill could prove to be difficult. You also have to account for the type of machinery you have on hand. If you say only have a cutter and are doing everything by hand, some of the curvier pieces you could get with a band saw just aren’t possible. You also have to have a grinder that can get in the intricate spaces.

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Also look at the amount of pieces that went into this! The finished piece was 27.5 x 35.4 inches so fitting 750 pieces into that must have been time consuming. They are stating on their Etsy that the amount of time to complete this project from start to finish is three months. And it’s no wonder! First you have to have the glass, then cut, then grind, copperfoil, solder and patina. Not to mention if you want it framed that’s a whole other thing.

I would recommend at least following ArtBrothersGlass on Etsy because they have a ton of beautiful creations. Including other nerdy niches like Deadpool, Iron Man, Batman, Anime of all kinds and Disney.

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