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WAZE Announces Kevin Conroy’s Batman as a Voice Option!

Waze has decided to do something very special for Batman Day this year and has added two new voices to their navigation system. It’s promising to be more like a whole experience since the features can be combined with other apps, like Spotify.


You will be able to turn your car into a Batmobile or the Riddler’s racer depending on which voice you choose. The icon for your car will change depending on if you pick Kevin Conroy (the best Batman) who voiced Batman in the “Batman: The Animated Series” or Wally Wingert who voiced the “Batman: Arkham” version of the Riddler.

You will also be able to feel like Batman or the Riddler with specially made Spotify playlists. “Drive With Batman” and “Drive with the Riddler,” will feature memorable soundtrack cuts from masters like PrinceHans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman.

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Another neat feature is that you will be able to see other Batmobile or Riddler cars on your GPS map. So you will be able to tell who else is using the feature when you are.

These features will be available now until October 31st from Waze. They are rolling this out globally and will be available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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