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All-Star Wife Breaks Window to Save Husband’s Toy Collection from Flood

In life when there are natural disasters or something tragic that happens there are a few things that we want to grab. Old family photographs, animals, or that hard drive with all of the baby pictures on it. If you’re an avid collector, then toys may be your next go to, after you get all the living things out of course. Well one bad-ass woman was able to save her husband’s Gundam collection during a flood and to be honest, it’s amazing.

The wife who was thinking of her husbands happiness assessed the risk of going into the building. The water was stagnant and the risk was low. Plus her husband does not know how to swim and she had a life jacket. She swam across the Yangtze River and rescued the toys. She also had a dingy to transport them back safely so that they didn’t get water damage.


In China flooding occurs quite often and it’s always good to be prepared in case of an emergency. She was probably grabbing them because they were worth something not only to her husband but also in monetary value. Each of the figures on Amazon go from £20-£30 which is about $25-$40 USD. And while that may seem like a low amount look at the amazing collection she saved. It’s easily hundreds of dollars.

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I would hope that somehow my Sailor Moon collection could be saved if there was ever anything that happened, but also I wouldn’t want anyone to risk their lives for it. This wife went above and beyond and in our eyes a total rock star.

The story was first found on the micro-blogging site Weibo.

You can see a video of her retrieving the toys here.

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