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These New Monster Movie Purses are to Die For

Whether or not you’re a full fledged horror buff, there’s one thing that we can all agree on. Classic horror films are the foundation of current horror cinema and deserve to be honored. And one way that you can show your love of the classics is through fun fashionable accessories. But where do you go to find such things? Where do you find the perfect monster purse?

“Bride of Monster” Cross Body Handbag

Love Pain and Stitches Pumpkin Kult collection! Designed by Micheline Pitt in collaboration with Vixen they’ve created the perfect crossbody bags that you can use all year round or break out once a year. If you’re like me you’d want to flaunt that Swamp Monster pack everywhere paired with some cool black leggings and a horror movie tee.

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And not only do they have amazing purses but they have other things like shirts, dresses, and other “Halloween” themed clothing. Basically everything your goth heart would desire is there.

Each purse is up for pre-order right now and expected to drop in October. So they should be ready to wear just in time for Halloween. To check out the collection you can visit the website by clicking the link here.

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