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These DIY Skull Sunflowers are Perfect for a Spooky Garden

If you’re looking for a fun at home project and are getting ready for the spooky season this might be a fun one. Found on Beejay Oslon’s Art Instagram he posted some images of some DIY skull flowers he made and we can’t get over how awesome they are.

Now the thing with these is that you can make them yourself. What you need is to start collecting skulls(mwa haha) in different sizes as well as fake flowers. Then a bit of moss to frame them and some hot glue. Viola! Now if you want to be really cool about it you could try and do what he did for the entire sculpture which can be seen down below. Or try and commission him for a piece of art.

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This is definitely one of our favorite DIY Halloween projects we’ve seen. This along with the ghostly figures we wrote about earlier would be the makings for a super spooky Halloween garden.

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