Pokémon Sword and Shield Players Can Grab a Shiny Amoonguss For Free Today Only

Would you like to add a shiny mushroom Pokémon to your team without all the work of hunting it down? Well, you better get a move on! Today only, trainers can nab one of these rare Amoonguss simply by entering a password.

According to Serebii.net, you can add a level 50 shiny Amoonguss to your team until 14:59 UTC today. To nab your very own, get on your Pokémon Sword or Shield game and open up the in-game menu. Select the mystery gift tab. Then, select the “Get with Code/ Password” option. You need to enter the code TRA1NERSCUP. Make sure you have a good internet connection before downloading your new Pokemon.

Screenshot Credit: Nintendo

If everything goes according to plan, you will find your new shiny companion in the Pokémon box. Your shiny Amoonguss knows the moves Rage Powder, Protect, Spore and Clear Smog. It also has the Regenerator ability which will restore a little of its HP when it is withdrawn from battle. Additionally, Amoonguss will be holding the Focus Sash item. This is a great for taking on especially powerful opponents. A Pokémon holding Focus Sash cannot faint after a single hit, meaning they will keep one point of HP instead. This means you will get a second chance to heal up your partner and keep them in the fight.

While a regular Amoonguss is a bright red color, its shiny variant is purple. Unlike some shiny Pokémon, this one really stands out against its regular brethren. So, make sure you grab this purple companion for yourself before it is gone. After all, it’s never been easier to get one for yourself!

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