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Character Masks, Splash Guards: the Perfect Covid-19 Cosplay Solution

Something I think a lot of us are excited for/ worried about is when conventions start happening again. How are we going to be able to cosplay comfortably when we’re all worried about the virus and not having a vaccine yet? Sure the attendance will be cut down and things should be more open and airy but what if you really want to cosplay? Well I found these masks through a Sailor Moon Group I’m in and I think that they are the perfect solution!
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They not only sell anime masks and splash guards but also Star Wars. These ones you could use for fun if you wanted to because Darth Vader already has a mask and so does Boba Fett. But if you want to casual cosplay and still stay safe they are a good bet.
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I’m super in love with the Sailor Moon ones. One it means I wouldn’t have to dye my hair because the hair is drawn on to the splash guard. Or wear a wig because those get really hot. And two it’s so easy to just pop in contacts do your makeup and put on the shield with the accessories.

You can ask about getting some of these through Ukiyo Co.’s Facebook where they have them listed for 200 and 80 Mexican. Which translates to about $9 for the face-shield and $4 for the mask. It’s really a great price for peace of mind.

Browse their whole collection on Facebook by clicking here, and Instagram by clicking here.

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