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[Opinion] 5 Games From PlayStation Reveal Event I’m Most Excited About

Today was a massive day for fans of PlayStation. We finally got a complete look at the PlayStation 5 console. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the black and white coloring. In fact, an all black version of the console is much more appealing to me. However, the game reveals more than made up for the strange looking console. So here’s my list of the top five PlayStation titles I am most excited for in the next generation.

(You can see our full list of the trailers from today’s PS5 reveal here.)

1. “Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West”

Image Credits to Guerrilla Games

This is it. By far, this was the title I was most hoping to see at today’s reveal event. It’s been three long years since “Horizon Zero Dawn” arrived and changed everything. I’ve played it many times over the years and it remains one of my favorite titles of all time. In this sequel, we will get to see Aloy journey to the west where she will face new machines in a quest to save the world again. There’s a giant robot turtle and an absolutely MASSIVE machine mammoth that promises to be as heart-racing of a battle as the Thunderjaws. This trailer shows off lush rain forests and vibrant coral reefs. Everything about it matches the beautiful and poetic feel of the first game. The trailer leaves you wondering, what is with the strange red plants and lightning that seem to be overtaking everything? And what is Sylens up to now?

2. “Resident Evil 8: Village”

Image Credits to Capcom

There have been a lot of rumors about this game over the past few months. Boy was I shocked to discover that the rumors of werewolves in a “Resident Evil” game were true though. This certainly looks like a dark time for Ethan, as we see Chris Redfield straight up murder the girl he is with. Combine that shocking sequence with the mysterious woman’s creepy tale of a little girl lost in the woods, and you have the perfect recipe for some serious goosebumps. Personally, the old man we see is way creepier looking than anything else I saw in the video. He looks like he already died about four times. Regardless, this trailer is promising and I hope to see some actual gameplay soon. I loved Ethan’s last grueling adventure, so I certainly will return to continue his journey.

See the trailer for it here.

3. “Project Athia”

Image Credits to Square Enix /Luminous Productions
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This trailer was fairly short and didn’t reveal much about this project. We know it is being developed by Luminous Productions and that Project Athia is currently a working title. In the video, we see gorgeous landscapes and some dark, fantastical creatures. I couldn’t decide which was cooler between the giant glowing wolf and the dragon. Athia seems to have some cool abilities as well. We see her make some spectacular jumps in the trailer and seemingly bend tree roots to her will. From the little I saw, I already want to experience the beautiful world Athia finds herself part of. With Square Enix at the helm, I have faith that this will be a new IP I will come to love. See the trailer for it here.

4. “Stray”

Image Credits to BlueTwelve & Annapurna Interactive

It’s an adorable cat lost in a cybercity. Do I honestly need to say more? This new title developed by BlueTwelve will see players take on the role of this unassuming stray cat. Humanity is gone, leaving only robots and creatures behind. Players will need to defend against threats and solve puzzles throughout the city to unravel an ancient mystery and find their way home. In this short trailer, we see the cat protagonist wandering about and observing the robots throughout the city. The cat appears to be wearing some kind of adorable harness/backpack. It’s definitely a title to keep an eye on in the coming months. Any game that lets me play as a cat is always a win in my book. See the trailer here.

5. “Kena: Bridge of Spirits”

Imaged Credits to Ember Lab

Last but certainly not least is this fascinating new IP. In the trailer, we see a young girl named Kena meditating in the forest. Surrounding her are tiny, furry black creatures called Rot. Throughout the trailer, Kena takes on enemies with her staff, a sword and a bow. Interestingly, when an enemy is defeated we see these little creatures pour out of it and scurry towards her. They seem friendly enough and can be seen carrying objects around. It’s not clear what the actual story for this game will be yet. All we know is that Kena is a Spirit Guide trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the demise of a village. In many ways, Kena’s spiritual powers remind me of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. Who knows, maybe Kena will journey to a Spirit Realm like Aang did? Regardless, Ember Lab’s newest IP certainly has me excited.

If you want to see our list of ALL the trailers from today’s reveal, check them out here.

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