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Countries Where the Casino Industry is on the Rise

If you’re wanting to discover somewhere new for your next holiday and you’re on the lookout for a destination where you can find some fantastic casinos, you might want to consider visiting Africa. When you think of the best places for a gambling holiday, you might automatically think of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau and countries in Africa might be the last place you think of! But believe it or not, there are several countries on the continent of Africa where the casino industry such as New King Casino Strategy is on the rise, so it might be worth considering.  

Is gambling legal in Africa? 

Not all countries in Africa allow gambling, however, 30 out of the 54 countries in Africa allow gambling both in land-based establishments and in online casinos. If you’re looking for countries where the casino industry is on an upward curve, look no further than Africa as the diverse continent is quickly becoming one of the biggest expanding hubs in the gambling industry. 

It’s very important that when you’re visiting a casino in an African county or anywhere in the world that you make sure it is a legal and licensed establishment as steep fines and even jail time could be given to people who play in illegal casinos.  

What types of games can be played in South African casinos? 

In casinos such as the Emperor’s Palace which is in Johannesburg, you can play all your favourite casino games including over 700 slot machines and 66 table games. There is also a private lounge and the casinos play host to a poker room which is world-famous.  

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The best casinos in South Africa 

In South Africa, there are over 40 casinos and many of them are decadent and luxurious entertainment complexes including the Sun Grand West Casino and Entertainment World in Capetown. This means that you can gamble as well as attend concerts, dine at trendy restaurants, as well as play bowling and ice-skate all in one place! In these casinos you can play all your favourite casino games including blackjack, roulette and poker as well as enjoy endless entertainment on thousands of video slot machines.

The Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp is another casino complex which is completely mind-blowing and is a must-visit for any casino lover. The casino floor itself is a whopping 266,000+ sq ft, making it one of the largest casinos in the whole Southern Hemisphere.  

Africa’s Gambling History 

Egypt is another country where there are many casinos which are very popular and the casino industry is on the rise. Gambling has been a past-time in Egypt since ancient times and many relics have been found by archaeologists as proof of Egypt’s gambling past. Egypt’s casinos can be found in luxurious casinos and there are over 20 casinos in Egypt as well as a one of a kind casino on a luxury cruise liner on the River Nile. For the largest casinos, you will want to visit Egypt’s capital city Kair, but there are other grand casinos in Sharm el-Sheikh, Alexandria as well as Taba.

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