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Destiny 2’s New Exotic Is One-Shotting Raid Bosses

“Destiny 2” has seen some serious bugs over the years. From multiple bugs with the Telesto Fusion Rifle to a glitch that allowed players to become invulnerable to damage in the Hunter class, players have seen it all. It’s not all that surprising really, as a massive games-as-service title like “Destiny” is bound to have some glitches and oddities that slip through the cracks. That being said, this latest bug is perhaps one of the greatest ones to ever be seen. This bug makes one of “Destiny 2’s” exotic weapons so overpowered that it is one-shotting raid bosses.

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The weapon in question is the new exotic grenade launcher called Witherhoard. Overall, it is a cool looking weapon with its sleek look and intricate details. Nothing seems to particularly stand out about it at first glance. However, there are a plethora of clips across the internet showing off Witherhoard’s ability to wipe raid bosses out of existence. Like magic these formidable opponents’ health gauges plummet to zero in a matter of seconds. It’s obvious that this level of damage is far from what Bungie had in mind. It’s safe to assume that this bug is either being patched out right now or will be very shortly.

Before it’s fixed, it would definitely be worth your time to nab your own Witherhoard and exploit its explosive power. You will need to download the new Season of Arrivals expansion for “Destiny 2” to get your hands on it. Witherhoard will cost you 1,000 silver (about $10) to purchase. Season pass holders will receive the grenade launcher as an instant unlock. So get out there and have some laughs with this overpowered gem.

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