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Crafty Man Turns Lawnmower into Tank that Shoots Potatoes, Still Cuts Grass!

There is a certain level of creativity I admire. And mostly it involves when you can turn something into another without compromising its functionality. Take Jason for instance, a woodworker out of Albany, Oregon who created an awesome potato gun tank out of his lawnmower. That is inspiring! Plus it still can cut grass!

Now you might think “why might I need something like this?” Well, you probably don’t but it certainly is unique. The fact that he can sit inside it is pretty cool too. I just worry that someone might mistake it as the real thing from far away.

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If you like this you should check out his other work on his YouTube channel Whiskey Moth Woodworking. There’s quite a bit of interesting content there! Especially if you like DIY projects and woodworking.

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