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New Embroidered Pokémon Polo Shirts Appropriate for Work are Here!

You know those really nice shirts with the little embroidery of the horse or turtle? The name escapes me but you’ve probably seen them on the golf course or at your last business meeting. You can usually find them with company logos but now you can get your very own with one of your favorite Pocket Monsters. Original Stitch is offering polo shirts with Pokémon and you’re guaranteed to make your nerdy anime loving co-workers jealous!

It used to be that you couldn’t wear certain branding to work because it was against dress code. But usually if you just have a small print animal you can fly under the radar. So have some fun with how you dress and show us what Pokémon is your favorite!

Pokemon Embroideries

Customize a polo shirt with 151 Pokémon embroideries,
pocket fabrics, and a special Pokémon ball buttons collection…
The customization possibilities are endless!

Keep Going!
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Right now you can get a unisex polo in Blue, Black, Navy, Yellow, Pink or White. They have 151 Pokémon embroideries and you can choose to have a special Pokemon fabric pocket put on so that you can carry your pens.

These are really cute and comfortable and since you can wear them anywhere they make sense as an investment item. You can check out all your options here!

And if you want to get extra with it you can always check out the official Pokemon Lingerie. Yes that’s right! they make Pokemon girls underwear that you can get to put on under your polo shirt! And if you want some comfortable Pokemon Boxers then Amazon has everything you need and more.

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