Bed Frame with Built-in Dog Bed is Perfect for a Pet Family

If you love sleeping with your pets then we may have found just the thing for you. It’s no secret that many of us sleep with our pets. But when we have a partner in the bed the room for pets gets smaller and smaller. Enter this bed frame with a toddler mattress bed frame built in at the end. Perfect for your WHOLE family.

Country Creations Pine Furniture is making many bed frames with steps at the end so your dog or cat can climb up and get cuddly at the end of your feet. The best part about this is if they stay on their own mattress you can easily change and wash the bed sheet when it gets too furry. The bed frame size can also fit large dogs easily. For example, you can place the labrador dog bed on the frame and your lab would happily sleep at your feet.

One of the other cool things about this bed is that it’s filled with storage drawers. Which is nice because it is pretty big so you will want the added storage space to take place of where you can’t put a dresser. I’m assuming because if it’s already a king size frame and you add the dog bed at the end you won’t be able to walk around it and have other furniture. Maybe on the left and right sides but probably not at the end.

They also sell it separately if you would like to just add it to the end of your existing bed frame.

It’s also a good solution for elderly animals who can’t jump up as easily as they used to. When pets get old their hips tend to hurt so the steps are a really nice touch. Plus they would make a great place to sit and put on socks.

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