Check Out These 9 Horror Parodies We Wanna Read Right Now

A good parody is an art form; music, film, or book cover. Check out these hilarious (and pretty well thought out, admittedly) horror parodies of 9 classic tales.

We say classic but obviously “Chip n Dale” might not be YOUR version of “classic” per-say.

The Devil ‘s’ Rejects!

Every body, every body, every body wants to be a [dead] cat really doesn’t have the same ring to it anymore.

Maybe he shoulda just let her sleep. In hell.

Well, Genie DOES strike us as someone who would yell out “IT’S SHOWTIME.” Bonus points for Aladdin and Jasmine as the Mertzs happy couple.

Uh, well? Pinocchio *did* come from the mind of Geppetto?

Great, now we’ll be singing that theme song all day.

Maybe sometimes the alien plant shouldn’t be taken care of.

Hey Oliver? We’ll tell you why you probably SHOULD worry and care.

This one is sort of a bonus, because it made us chuckle.

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