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Salty Bet is Awesome & You Should be Playing

When Salty Bet first appeared in 2013 it was one of my favorite things to do. Fast Forward to seven years later and it’s still just as entertaining as it was when I started. Sure when I started playing I was smoking pot and enjoying life in my 20’s, but even as a full grown adult with kids it’s still just as fun. Mostly because it’s so dang unpredictable. You can literally bet on anything and the odds are terrible which makes it more interesting to watch. Plus the characters have insane attacks and since it’s all computer you can’t know what’s coming next.

The Characters

Artify – Square

What’s nice about watching Salty Bet is sometimes you come across a familiar face that you can route for. And it’s up to the programming whether or not they will suck or not. Watching them get pounded or win easily is part of the fun!

No Right or Wrong Bets

You think you know who’s going to win? Ha good luck!

It’s Fake Money

It’s fake money and you can go All In without losing anything. It’s more of a platform for having fun than anything and with no stakes you can literally play highest stakes. I don’t want to compare it to playing god but hey, it is what it is.

Your Waifu is Trash

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Unless your waifu has an energy bar or a sword, she’s probably going to get thwomped on. The only Waifu that will win in Salty Bet is Salty herself.

Always bet on DBZ except when you shouldn’t

Here’s a hint for anyone playing.. if the characters name is REAL anything it probably means they’re not. Especially characters like Real Vegeta.

Hitbox vs. Energy Bars

You’re never going to guess right but sometimes following the rule of always bet on hit box will work out for you. Other times it’s swords and energy bars. Take your pick and pray.

The Insane Fights

I’ve literally seen a giant Ronald McDonald turn the world upside down. You can’t say that for a lot of things but with Salty Bet you totally can. Patrick Star can devastate your favorite anime character and a literal blob on the screen can suck the life out of their opponent.

So if you’re looking for something to do to take the edge off, I recommend getting a drink and streaming Salty Bet. It’s pretty family friendly and you can have fun with your roommates or stream it with your friends.

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