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Netflix Making “Dragon’s Lair” Movie Starring Ryan Reynolds

Dragon’s Lair” was one of those iconic games from the 80s by Don Bluth and Cinematronics. Known for having graphics vastly ahead of its time in comparison to other games during that era. It looked like you were playing through an actual cartoon.

In the game you play as Dirk the Daring, who is presented to us as a brave knight whose mission is to rescue Princess Daphne, the classic damsel in distress.

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Well it seems that Netflix is interested in this classic and to be honest, Ryan Reynolds seems the perfect match to capture the cheesiness of this hero in a classic 80s game plot. This report comes from The Hollywood Reporter. After about a year of negotiations, it looks like things are finally getting settled.

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Don Bluth himself will be part of the production team which is excellent and exciting news, as he and Rick Dyer created “Dragon’s Lair.” Gary Goldman and Jon Pomeroy will be joining him. Dan and Kevin Hageman, who worked on “The Lego Movie” and most recently “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” will write the script.

We are excited to see where this production takes us and have high hopes that Reynolds cast as the main hero will bring great things to the screen. With the ongoing pandemic it is hard to predict when things will start getting rolling, but you can be sure we will provide you with plenty of updates so stay tuned and make sure to allow us to send you notifications.

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