Transformers Animated Prequel in the Works From “Toy Story 4” Director

It seems we’ll be returning to Cybertron as Hasbro’s entertainment studio eOne and Paramount have plans for an animated Transformers Prequel. They have also tapped Toy Story 4 Director Josh Cooley to helm the film. The story will take place on Cybertron and will be an origin story focusing mainly on the relationship between Optimus Prime and Megatron. The script has been penned by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari who had a production hand in Ant-Man and writing credits for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

The film will be separate from the live action film series as well as the Bumblebee spinoff. This is good news as the live action film franchise has stalled in critical and audience reception recent years. Cooley has proven to be a capable director and seeing him be tapped for another animated film is a step in the right direction. It’s also refreshing to see the writers set the film on Cybertron. The Transformer home world has been noticeably absent from the live action films, the exception being the brief opening of Bumblebee. Fans have wanted more Cybertron and it looks like Hasbro will finally be delivering.

While there is no set release or production date as almost of all of Hollywood is on hold due to COVID-19, Cooley is currently overseeing the final draft with the writers. It is likely that this film will be fast tracked through the production line since most of the work can be done while still following social distancing guidelines. Here’s hoping we get more details sooner rather than later so when it’s released we can all gear up and roll out!

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