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Dr. Seuss Rapped to Dr. Dre Beats is the Best Thing We’ve Ever Heard

As Stay At Home orders continue across the country we all seem to find ourselves searching for something new to fill our long days; cooking new meals, reading books, home workouts, or attempting new DIY projects. It seems Quarantine has driven a lot of us to somewhat of a creative madness, experimenting with as many different things as we can find to stay entertained. Filmmaker Wes Tank has taken it to a new level by rapping some of Dr. Seuss’s most popular stories over Dr. Dre beats. It is a mashup you didn’t know you needed and once you hear it can’t seem to live without. While I’m sure people have rapped Dr. Seuss in the past, no one has done it quite like this. 

Artify – Square

After listening to Tank rap the tongue twisting Fox in Sox over What’s the Difference from the Chronic 2001 album, it’s honestly surprising how well it flows. Fox in Sox is hard enough to read aloud without getting tongue tied as it get progressively more difficult as the book goes on, so watching Tank manage to get through the entire thing without a single mistake is quite an impressive feat. There are at least 6 videos on his YouTube channel including the Lorax over Still D.R.E.

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It’s not just that he raps them or even that the mashups somehow go together better than anyone could have ever expected them to. It’s that Tank does it so effortlessly and with a rap style and cadence all his own, bringing the books to life with every rhyme. From singing to fast rapping to hitting it hard when the beat crescendos, Tank actually has bars. 

Upon your first listen you may be a little confused but the longer it goes on the more talented Tank becomes with every rhyme, it becomes something you can’t believe you haven’t heard before. There is no reason for something like this to exist but now that I know that it does I can’t get enough of it. This is the kind of thing we could all use right now, the kind of experimental discovery to fill some of our day with a little joy even if only for a short while. If Wes Tank ever decides to quit filmmaking and pursue a rap career, I think Dr. Dre should definitely add another white rapper to the Aftermath.

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