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Buckle Down & Make The Worlds Largest Puzzle During Quarantine

If you are looking for something to do with your time you may want to check this out. Kodak has made a 51,300 piece puzzle that is a whopping 342″ wide and 72″ tall. Now the only obstacle is finding a place big enough to make it. If you don’t have a hallway you’re going to have to move some furniture because this thing is big.

Artify – Square

Even if you are a puzzle fiend this thing feels intimidating. 28.5 ft by 6.25 ft means it’s taller than most people. And how the heck are you going to save it or glue it together? I guess that the point of the puzzle is to pull it out when you have lots of time on your hands and now is probably the perfect time to attempt it.

Luckily this puzzle is a combination of 27 smaller individually packaged puzzles so you can do them one at a time and then connect them together. But if you are a crazy person I suppose you could open them all and shuffle them around and then try it. But just thinking about that gives me major anxiety.

Keep Going!
1 of 1,009

Because of Coronavirus many of us are currently sheltering in place trying to be as safe as we can. Only going out for groceries and necessary items and keeping to ourselves otherwise. This puzzle is also a great way to explore the world since it features just that. The wonders of the world. So maybe as you’re building it you can plan you next vacation for whenever this all blows over. Which is hopefully sooner than we expect.

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