A New GTA Is In The Works And Will Be Smaller At Launch

It’s no secret that Rockstar is probably one of the greatest video game companies around. Everything they make seems to turn to gold. And for GTA it’s no different for every launch of any of them they have so much content for you right off the bat. But it seems like that may change and possibly for the better too.

In a recent interview done by Kotaku they interviewed 15 people who are currently working or recently left Rockstar. And the general consensus is that Rockstar is changing for the better. They’re doing a better job at working with their employees at flexible work schedules, better leadership, as well as communication. They even seem to be backing off from the mandatory crunch time when a game is nearing its release. Which has been a problem for sometime now with a lot of studios but is now finally getting the attention it deserves. 

Within that interview it was said that another GTA is in the works and is in early development. And Rockstar is going to be applying it’s new structure to the new GTA. So instead of having this massive sandbox at launch they’re going to release content regularly over time. This is of course to battle against crunch time but the game at launch will still be a decent sized game.

This is great to hear because it’s easy to forget that lots of people worked day and night while playing a game. And it’s great to hear because it was also reported people worked a 100 hour work week with Red Dead Redemption 2 when it was in crunch time. It’s nice to see Rockstar taking their employees’ feedback into consideration to help better the work environment. 

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