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New AIM Inspired App is Ready For You to Chat With Your Online Friends

If you are a part of the older generation that remembers AOL instant Messenger aka AIM and you were just like me who got really sad the day AOL took it out from us. But rejoice my friends because a developer by the name of Alex Obenauer has just launched an app called and it has everything that we remember from our old days that AOL instant Messenger. The only thing I think it’s lagging is that terrible dial up sound. That somehow is a soothing sound that reminds me of my preteen / teenager years.

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“Last week, with many headed into social isolation, a thought occurred to me: AIM should come back,” Obenauer wrote in a Medium post. “After a few more thoughts occurred to me, outlined below, I went ahead and [built] it.”

It is everything that you remember like I said, from a little away messages, probably you can even be invisible, and she can even set your own away message. What I recommend something like this: xXx_StrAIGHt_eDG_xXx. there’s nothing yet for Mac OS but the developer is working hard to try and bring this out to all platforms.

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