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EVO 2020 Still Moving Ahead With It’s Plans To Hold It’s Annual Convention At The End Of July

Evolution (aka EVO) is undoubtedly one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the Year. Players from all over the world come together to compete to see if they have what it takes to take down the competition.

Games such as Street Fighter, mortal Kombat, BlazBlue, Smash Brothers, Smash Brothers Ultimate, even Sailor Moon Fighting. It has always been the highlight of my husband’s year to travel with his friends to go to Vegas to watch this competition come to life. I myself have had the pleasure of going several times and every time seems to be more hyped than the next.

If you haven’t seen the trailer here it is, and look out at 0:48 that is my husband SuperTurboRyan sitting next to Larry Lurr. 

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Everyday since the quarantine happened because covid-19 I have been hovering over Mr. Wizard’s Twitter to see if evolution is to be canceled. Because right now it is the big elephant in the room. Even though Evolution is not set to take place until July 31st of this year anything could happen.

As of right now Evolution is still moving forward, though time will tell if this will change at all. If it has to be cancelled I will be upset, but I will understand of course.

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