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New Olaf Animated Series to be Released by Disney

The coronavirus and the quarantine it’s instilled has halted the production of our favorite T.V. series and movies.  Fortunately, Disney animator Hyrum Osmond and Josh Gad, voice actor of Olaf, have teamed up to create an Olaf Animated Series.  And what’s more, they can work on it from home.  

A couple of days ago, Disney announced the new animated series, “At Home with Olaf.”  This short series will follow the adorable, magical snowman as he embarks on new adventures. Olaf will continue to be voiced by Josh Gad and his iconic voice.  Below is the first episode of the series.  

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Hyrum Osmond was the animator of Olaf in the first Frozen film, and then jumped up to be the head of animation for Moana.  

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Where to Watch it

This adorable 20-episode series will be available to watch for free on social media. It will also be added on Disney’s new family entertainment site, Disney Magic Moments. The episodes are to be released weekly.

With this new series in the process, Disney gives us another way to be entertained during this unprecedented quarantine.  Stay safe everyone, and look out for the next episode of “At Home with Olaf.” 

Do you love Olaf?  What do you think of this new series?  Let us know in the comments! 

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