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Dolly Parton is Here to Read You Bedtime Stories

Things are getting tense as we are still sitting tight in our homes wondering what we are going to do with ourselves. We may have even stared losing sleep during these times of uncertainty. However, we have treasures such as Dolly Parton herself here to support us in times of great need.
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Long time inspiration to many because of her bold and beautiful personality and iconic look, Dolly Parton has stepped in to give us something to listen to before we head to bed. Dolly Parton, who is world famous for her music, is no stranger to the power of words. Especially books, she who sends books to 850,000 children per month decided that she will be here for us with some night time reading.

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Starting April 2nd, the icon will debut a 10 book video series where she will read to us favorites from the Imagination Library. The Imagination Library being Dolly Parton’s project that provides books children quality books from birth until they begin school no matter what their financial situation may be.

“I hope this gift will further inspire a love of books and shared storytime during this important time. … From everyone on our team, thank you so much for inspiring a love of reading in your family.  As I always say — We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails — and we’re going to do just that, together.”

So get all cozy and ready for bed on April 2nd and get ready to watch Goodnight With Dolly on YouTubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram. She plans on kicking off the series with The Little Engine That Could.

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