Cardi B Wants to Start a GoFundMe for Joe Exotic

After watching the documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness Cardi B has some strong feelings about how things went for Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic is currently incarcerated on numerous charges of animal cruelty along with trying to put a hit out on his arch nemesis Carole Baskin. He is carrying out a 22 year sentence at this time. But Cardi B thinks he didn’t get a fair shake of things and now wants to start a GoFundMe for Joe. This came after she called out Carole on twitter.

Which led to this,

Which eventually led to her saying she wanted to help out Joe.

She was truly invested in the documentary and is now seeking to help Joe get out of prison. If this can happen I definitely smell a collaborative album coming and Joe switching over to the music side of things. Because guys, did you see his music videos? They weren’t actually that bad. Especially this one,

He really did make some great music. Exotic recently filed a $94 million lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is seeking a presidential pardon. He has a long history with politics as he tried to run for governor at one time(please watch the documentary on Netflix). You have to see this man in action.

If you have seen the whole thing you can check out more videos on his YouTube channel JoeExoticTV. This man is quickly becoming a legend.

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