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Are Neck Headphones Good?

What are neck headphones?

It started with the big full-sized headphones, then moved to tiny lightweight earphones that later became wireless and gave birth to a new phenomenon. You might have come across an individual donning a tech-like necklace around the back of their necks with two ear piece cables coming out of it. Neck headphones, also called neckband headphones, collar headphones and behind the neck headphones, come as wireless neckbands worn around the back of the neck with plug in earphones attached to them. They are ideal for wearing in long term conditions. Their design is suited to people who need to wear headphones for long hours during the day to receive calls or listen to music. These technological collars have become so popular leaving many wondering why. These convenient headphones are right there when you want them and need them. Their success comes from a unique combination of convenience, style, battery-life, noise cancellation and wireless connectivity. These devices may have picked your interest but just like with other tech products, an individual has to understand its features, pros and cons.

Features and benefits of neckband headphones

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Style and comfort

The most notable feature of this headphones is how they can be worn. If you have seen the neckband headphones, their stylish nature is most undoubtedly the first thing you noticed. They are worn around the neck making them quite convenient and stylish in comparison to other headphones. They can be worn with almost any clothing without the clutter of long connecting cables. Their presence on your neck means you don’t have to reach into your pocket or bag to dig them out to receive a call or play your favourite song. They also fit on everyone’s head and neck quite comfortably. 

High quality sound

Neckband headphones usually have quality microphones built into their bodies at a convenient position to clearly and audibly pick up the users voice. You also don’t have to pull on the earphone cord to lift the mouthpiece close to your mouth for audibility. 

Wireless Connectivity

Their wireless nature means you don’t have to untangle them every time you need to use them. It also means there isn’t the clutter of a cable hanging of your ears or chest to hinder you while working or during movement. You won’t get your cable stuck on a doorknob and have it pull your earphones out of your ear at the peak of your favourite song. They enable manoeuvrability and comfort when moving around. They can be used by sportsmen and people exercising as they do not interfere with their exertive routines and activities. The neck headphone connects to your smartphone or media player via Bluetooth or NFC meaning you can receive your calls and listen to music on the go. 

Long battery life

One notable advantage of these headphones is their long battery life. Adequate battery life means convenience in use. Most models come with up to 5 hours of battery life which is quite convenient even when watching long movies. This gives a user the benefit of longer listening hours without having to recharge. 

User friendly in-line controls

These neckband headphones come with a wide array of in-line controls such as volume, and accept and decline call button, a connectivity button and shuffle buttons. This makes it easier to shuffle through music and receive calls on the go without accessing your phone. It is also easier to access more in line controls on neckband headphones instead of the tedious reaching down your earphones in search of limited in-line controls. 

Noise cancellation

For music, most of these headphones come with an active noise cancellation feature, a feature that was formally restricted to full sized headphones. With these headphones the sound quality is often high. Noise cancellation requires sophisticated technology that is usually fitted into the neckband headphones body. As a result the bit of the headphones to be plugged into the ears remains conveniently small and light. This has achieved a previously elusive and difficult to achieve feature with plug in earphones, a combination of wireless headphones with noise cancellation. 

Calls and Notifications

Some neckband headphones even come with a vibration feature to notify you of incoming calls and messages. At the push of a button a user can receive calls or decline them without reaching for their phones. This feature keeps users from missing calls while listening to their favourite podcast or radio. They may also have led flashing lights for notifications and messages. 


When it comes to durability, it varies from person to person. Some people are quite careful and deliberate while others may be care-free and clumsy. Durability is usually a key determinant of the viability of headphones. No one wants headphones that get spoilt quickly or abruptly stop functioning while in use. Neckband headphones are designed for great durability that gives their users peace of mind. The fact that they are also not constantly moved or dropped means they last longer than other regular headphones. One impressive feature seen on this headphones are the retractile ear buds that can be pushed back into the body when not in use. These prevents damage and ensures durability of the headphones.

What is the advantage of neckband headphones over regular earphones?

While earphones are light and convenient they lack a great many features that are present on the neckband headphones. Since these add-ons can’t be put on earphones making them bulky for your ears, a neckband would be preferred as it comes housing all these add-ons. Unlike regular earphones it isn’t cumbersome as it rests on the shoulders of a user, and if not in use the user may even forget they are there. They also don’t interfere when performing exertive activities that require a lot of movement unlike regular wired earphones that keep getting in the way. They offer higher quality sound due to their active noise cancellation features unlike regular earphones that don’t have much noise cancellation to keep them small in size. Unlike regular earphones, neckband headphones are low key and easily accessible when convenient without seeming rude or snotty.


Neck headphones are amazing, not just because of their stylish design and good looks. They usually come with higher quality sound, amazing noise cancellation, comfort, long battery lives and a wide array of features to make their use simple and highly reliable. They are convenient for numerous activities, from watching movies to jogging. Their design makes it easy to wear them all day long without monotony and exhaustion. A good pair of neckband headphones will make your experience more elegant, comfortable and convenient.

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