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Amazon Makes Kids Shows Free Even Without Prime Membership

During the Coronavirus shut in of 2020 there’s a lot of stuff going on when kids are involved. If you have to work from home then you know it’s tough to multitask because you are now cooking, cleaning after, entertaining AND doing your full time job via computer. It’s a lot and it’s going to get pretty tough since we don’t have an exact time frame on exactly how long this shelter in place order will last. But now there is at least programming that you can access if you didn’t already have access to anything for kids. Which is probably not the case if you do have them. Amazon has made all kids programming free and available even without the need for a prime membership. Meaning you may get to have some peace while you type up that memo.

Of course this doesn’t mean you get a free pass, you’re still going to have to police their online learning schedule. But at least for a brief hour or so you have access to some educational programming that is usually available to watch through their PBS subscription for $4.99. Access the landing page for all free titles by visiting this link.

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They have things such as different seasons of ArthurDaniel Tiger’s NeighborhoodOdd SquadCailou(Don’t watch this unless you love to hear whining in the background), Cyberchase, and Dinosaur Train. They also have things like Wishenpoof, Tumble Leaf and Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat is many teachers favorite and is a nice little story though the show doesn’t have any real educational value. It’s just stories about Pete.

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The only thing you will need is an Amazon account. Which I want to say most people already have? But if you don’t, don’t worry it’s free. Unless you did want to check out prime and have things delivered. Which I recommend, especially now. Some places offer Amazon Fresh which is a good way to get groceries if you are high risk for contracting coronavirus. And it’s not just the elderly at risk it’s also people with weak immune systems and women who are pregnant. So be careful out there. Take care, and I hope this info helps you retain your sanity while you’re stuck inside with the kids.

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