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Contact Lens Jewelery Makes it Look Like You’re Always Crying, & They’re Probably Painful

There is a new type of jewelry on the market and it comes in the form of a contact lens. Dutch artist-designer, Eric Klarenbeek is the person who created this new look which is essentially just a diamond tied to a string. Tied to a string and hanging off your contact lens. Which is crazy to me only because contact lenses fall out on their own all the time without anything hanging off of them, so this just seems like it’s asking for trouble. If you’re looking for good contact lenses for cosplay or just in general, I recommend

The Eye Jewelry Project was an attempt to make contact lenses more fashionable, but for those of us who are squeamish when putting in contact lenses regularly it kind of seems like a nightmare. Plus if you do lose it, you’re losing diamonds. I won’t even wear expensive jewelry because i’m terrified of losing it.

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Not only is the design odd, it looks painful. The string looks like it would rub against your bottom lid and totally give you a sty or at least rash. Both things you don’t want anywhere near your eyes.

A contact lens becomes jewelry, such as spectacles ever became a representation of our identity. Our fear for imperfectness makes us modify our surrounding and being, striving for virtual perfection. Not being someone we should be, but someone we could be. Aesthetics are more and more based on Photoshop’s capabilities and slightly becomes the norm for plastic surgery, instead of nature. Eye jewelry shows our scientific capabilities while showing the beauty of imperfection.

Eric Klarenbeek has a twitter account that is protected so that means you can only follow him if he allows you to. But he may be one person you want to keep an…. Eye on.

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