Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Drops March 10th

To quote Han Solo “It’s true all of it”. Call of Duty Warzone is officially dropping tomorrow! Call of Duty released a video promoting Warzone. And I gotta say I’m blown away at what I’ve seen so far. But perhaps one of the coolest things that Call of Duty is doing is making warzone free to download for everyone. You don’t even need to own Modern Warfare to play this mode, you can just go to the store and download it free.

The trailer showed off quite a lot including two modes you can play within warzone. One mode called Plunder and the objective of the game is to earn/steal as much cash as you can. It seems to be whenever you have cash on you, you’ll be carrying a giant duffle bag of cash. So it’ll be extremely easy to spot who does and does not have money.

The other being the class Battle Royal mode which we all grown to either love or hate. Each lobby is going to be able to host up to 150 people per server too. It’ll even have all sorts of vehicles you can use to move across the map such as boats, cars, and helicopters. 

As for some of the new mechanics in the game, it seems like based on your location and where certain things are you can do some pretty rad executions too. You could even kick people as you’re parachuting down to the ground too. And if your friend dies in the game they can either come back in a 1v1 in the gulag against someone for a second life. Or you can bring them back by one of two ways. The first being a contract in-game task, or you can use cash in-game money to bring them back. You’ll also be able to purchase Killstreaks, Redeploy which allows you to bring your friend back, Self-Revive Kits, and much more.

Warzone will be available to COD (Call of Duty) owners at 8am Pacific. And at 12pm Pacific for those who don’t own COD. If you don’t own the game it’s going to be a 83-103GB download, and if you do own the game it’ll be a 18-22GB update to unlock. So make sure to clear some room ASAP! Lastly if you do own the game under the classified section there’s a timer counting down to what we can safely guess is warzone so that’s something to look forward to as well.

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