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‘The Matrix 4’ Causes Explosive Damage in San Francisco

Whoops! While filming the Matrix 4 there has been some very real damage done in the city of San Francisco. NBC Bay Area reported that multiple people have said that they aren’t too happy with the filming going on in the area. One company in particular had about $2,000 worth of damage done to a plastic cover that they were using to protect and advertising sign. Another couple of building lamps were also added to the list of melted objects.

“We just saw the plastic that was all melted, so we didn’t know what was going on. We called our manager and we found out that it was some explosion for the movie.” Encar Orozco of JCDecaux Street Furniture told NBC.

So it looks like the movie itself will promise some pretty cool explosions and pyrotechnics. It’s unfortunate that some things have been melted but surely the movies insurance will cover the damages.

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“I guess the cost of doing business,” Marianne Sarrazin, a San Francisco resident said. “As long as they take safety precautions. But things happen. If they’re going to cover the cost of the damage, I guess I’m OK with it.”

They hire professionals for that reason, safety. And as long as they are being safe it appears most people are ok with them filming in the area. As long as they follow the boy scout rule to leave something better than when you found it, they should be ok.

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