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The U.S. Army Has A Tank Named “Baby Yoda”

Awww. “Baby Yoda”, belongs to the 3rd Infantry Division of Fort Stewart, Georgia. It is a M1A2 Abrams main battle tank.

Usually tanks have nicknames on their barrels and this one is just like the others. Only this time instead of something that can be attributed to a weapon like, “Django,” “Body Count,” or “Stallion,” it has something Star Wars on it. And you could say hey, Star Wars is all about an intergalactic war, and you’d be right. But didn’t Yoda once say, “Wars not make one great”?

This is part of a shipment of equiptment and combat troops being sent to Europe. It’s in an effort to prove that the U.S. military can quickly send reinforcement to NATO allies.

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Cover image credit: PFC Daniel Alkana
Source: PopularMechanics(if you want all the specs on the tank)

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