DIY Tetris Shelves Perfect For Any Gaming Room!

These are amazing. To be honest I’m a little sad that I spent money at Ikea for bookshelves for my video games. Because even though these are just DIY and I live in an apartment, I could have found some way to make these. I’m sure my mom would have let me use her garage for a project like this. In fact, if I sell some of my bookshelves in the near future you’ll know why. It’s because I’ve attained the materials needed for this amazing DIY Tetris Bookshelf.

I found the project on a blog for J&N Roofing and now that I’ve seen it I NEED it. These can be customized to fit any size room but I think you may want to make them at least a foot wide on the inside. If you want it for comics that is. If you want it for DVD’s it can be much smaller.

They have some images on how they fit the pieces together but unfortunately no measurements. Though the ones that they made look pretty big. This would be a good project to commission someone to do if you’re not sure about your technical skills. They have a listing on Etsy but you would have to message the seller because currently his version of the Tetris shelves are sold out.

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