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This Pennywise Balloon Table Proves “You’ll Float Too”

Ok so it’s not really a Pennywise table, but it does look like something out of IT. This table was created by a company called Duffy London and to be honest, I really want it. Especially since it would go with all my horror memorabilia and specialized dvd’s.

They’ve made this table out of toughened glass which means that it shouldn’t shatter on you. They also have several strings that are meant to hold the table up. Which is where they got the name the “UP” table. Some people think that is homage to the Disney movie “UP” but we know better. That is definitely a Pennywise table.

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To be fair they also have other designs with other colors but for the sake of my argument I featured the red front and center. Here are some of their other colored designs.

Even the shadow looks a bit spooky! According to their website: “This uplifting design was imagined by Christopher Duffy, with the concept of levitation and buoyancy. For 2017, Duffy London introduces a round dining table version in 2 sizes.”

They don’t make it until you order it either, each one is specially made and can be customized. So if you wanted the balloons to be all different colors they could do that for you.

Check out more about it on their website by following the link here.

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