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Adorable Star Wars Baby Booties Available Now

There are some really cute baby booties on the market now and if you thought you were going to have a hard time not getting the Baby Yoda sweater you should check these out. Freshly Picked has all kinds of really cute designs that you can get for your little future Star Wars Nerd. It’s never too early to start dressing for success!

They have various designs including Vader, Rebel Pilot(with helmet), R2-D2, Baby Yoda, & Princess Leia. No matter your preference you will surely be able to find something to go with your little padowan’s new onesies and warm feety pajamas.

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These are going to cost you a pretty penny though, so you should completely love the design before committing. Most of these are going to cost around $60 but you can always ask for them to be gifted to you. They also have a discount if you join their loyalty program.

Check out all the cute designs by clicking the link here. There are a lot more than what I showed you in this article!

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you would like to know!

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