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8 Animation Software For Dummies In 2020

While animation software would cost a lot a few years ago, today the software is available for free or at an affordable subscription. Even better, you can create animated videos online. With so many free animation software online, even a complete newbie can get up one morning and start animating videos.

Animation has always been used as a form of entertainment and linked to renowned studios such as Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks. Today, animation videos are used to create explainer videos, marketing videos, DIY videos, and much more. Seeing as animated videos are applicable in different industries, including education, manufacturing, marketing, and even medicine, there is a need for stakeholders in different industries to understand how these software work.

This article explores the top animation software for beginners.


If you need animation programs free, Powtoon might just be the answer you seek. The software allows you to make simple yet appealing presentations and videos. You do not need to download it as it is available for use online. It is a great option for online paper writing service (especially presentations), idea pitches, infographics, tutorials, and online marketing.

While the free plan does not have as many features as the premium plans, you can still make great videos and presentations from it. After creating your presentations or videos, you can share them online. However, with the free plan, your videos will have PowToon branding.


Animaker sports a design that makes it ideal for total beginners. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use. The free software presents an interface that makes it as easy to use as using any MS Office apps. With it, you can create different types of videos, including explainer videos and advertisements.

To get you started, the software comes with a library of templates and characters. You can also use the software to make infographics, 2D cartoons, and whiteboards. If you need more features, upgrade to a paid plan.


Blender is one of the free animation software for windows and other operating systems. It allows you to track objects, pan, tilt, and rotate the camera around tracked objects. The software is ideal for beginners thanks to the many tutorials online. For advanced, the software features Python API allowing which allows them to customize the interface.

With the software, realistic rendering and realistic simulation are possible. Whether you are an online paper writer or an online businessman who needs to market with Animation, Blender is ideal for professional use.

Plastic Animation Paper, PAP

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Plastic Animation Paper is a simple and free animation software that allows you to convert 2D animation to digital. It is ideal for those who have art skills and understand the use of animation tools. If I needed a tool to write my term paper or to create corporate presentations, this is one of the tools I’d consider.  However, though it is ideal for businesses offering premium quality research writing services like Edubirdie offer, the user will have to be prepared to learn for a few days before they can make the first perfect animation. For professional use, say for writing business presentations or offering an online service, you might consider the paid version.


If you are good at pencil art, Pencil2D lets you turn traditional hand-drawn animations digital. Unlike other options on this list, Pencil2D is completely free and open-source; there are no premium plans. If you are using it for business, you might need someone who can draw impressive art. If you can draw, the software is even easier for you to use.


K-3D is free. The software offers a simple digital platform with a set of tools and plugins. It is highly flexible and usable, making it ideal for beginners. With it, you can create different combinations and different videos and presentations. You can make 3D models for free.

If you need an app to animate logos or texts, K-3D is a great option for you. The application is free and has been free for a long time. If you make a mistake, it has an “undo trees” feature so you can make corrections. Thanks to the pipeline architecture, it is easy to modify your workflow from the start of the video to the end.

Synfig Studio

Like Pencil2D, Synfig Studio is open source and free. It follows traditional animation workflow just like Pencil2D. There are so many online courses to help you learn how to use the software fast. For commercial use, you need to think like an artist and even make sketches on paper. For beginners, the application looks similar to PowerPoint.

With good technical skills and enough time, the software is great. The downside is that there are no content libraries or templates.


OpenToonz is a free and open-source application. It features a simple interface making it easier to use for beginners. Being an open-source application, advanced users can customize the app to meet their needs. If you need an app that allows you to make technically complex animations, this might be your best bet. There is a paid version of the app called Toonz.


The best animation software for you will depend on the level of your skills and the needs of your company. Different software features different functionalities. If you are a complete beginner, pick an app that is easy to use and proceed gradually to one with more sophisticated features. You can also pick several applications and try them out to see which one meets your needs succinctly.

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