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Power Your Home for 24 Hours With Only 60 Minutes of Pedaling

Have you ever wanted to go green? I mean really green. Well Manoj Bhargava has invented a new exercise bike that if you only use it sixty minutes a day it will power your home for twenty four hours. This was part of a new initiative to bring power and electricity to places who suffer from frequent outages or only have access to power for a few hours a day. When you are in this position getting information is hard and it separates you from the rest of the world. Bhargava wants to change the gap between places that are stuck in poverty and make it easier for them to access information, the first step being making it easy for them to create the energy they would need to be able to power things like the internet and a cell phone.

The Free Electric is meant to lead to “better health, more leisure time, better access to education, and opportunities for entrepreneurship”. Bhargava says, “—it could literally change the world.”

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“Our target is to begin with India, but really it can be used anywhere. There are 1.3 billion people around the world who are still living without access to electricity.”

If they could get this into the places that need it most we could see underdeveloped places become more self sufficient over the years. With all of the amazing how to videos that are available on the internet it would bring people simple solutions to everyday problems. Not to mention get people healthier in the long run. Heck I wish I had one of these in my home. I would definitely exercise if that meant no electric bill and I would be making myself healthier. It’s like being paid to get fit!

You can find out more about Billions in Change by checking out their website here.

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