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Joker’s New Flame Is ‘Punchline’ And She Just Wants To Stab Everyone

People are split, they either like Joker and Harley or they don’t. There is no in between at all but when they broke up, I was one of the people who was glad that they finally split. But I respect those who love the iconic duo of the Batman universe. In Several key issues of the Batman series Harley leaves the Joker and eventually comes back to him. Comic Issues such as Harley Quinn #1, Gotham City Sirens #19, Batman White Knight, and Harley Quinn #25. 

That’s not even counting all the times she left him throughout the various animated movies and series as well. But it appears that the iconic duo are no longer in the current run of Batman by James Tynion, he actually put a hit out for Harley (Talk about a bad breakup). And this leads the the newest supposed flame of the Joker, she goes by Punchline. 

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But WHEN does she appear for the first time? Is it BATMAN #89? Is it YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN #3? Am I writing her origin story in the JOKER 80th Anniversary Special? Is she Joker’s new girlfriend? Is she a part of JOKER WAR??! Who the heck IS this Punchline, and why does she want to stab everyone?!?!?!?!?!?!

James chimed in about Punchline as “The lady about to stab Batman, and not a nice guy” Of course what we know is only what they are feeding us at this time. But no word yet if she falls for the same abusive relationship that Joker and Harley had, or if she will even put up with his BS. It’s all up in the air at this point and makes me all the more excited for it. Batman #92 drops April 1st, don’t forget to pick it up!

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