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Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentines Day!

Still hold a grudge for that Ex who turned out to be a horrible person? Well now you can submit names to a Zoo in El Paso and they will not only name a cockroach after your ex, but feed them to their meerkats! The promotion is rightfully called “Quit Bugging Me”. Which is what we all wish our exes would do right? Even if they are now just a mental pain.

Just like their promotion in 2019 they will have your Ex’s name displayed on their meerkat exhibit and social media. They will also have a live meerkat webcam you can tune into to see them crunch those cockroaches!

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They will be announcing this years submission form soon. Keep an eye on their website and facebook page for the official announcement. They told me via email that they would be announcing it very soon.

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