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Disneyland Releases Millennium Falcon Popcorn Bucket

This new Millennium Falcon popcorn bucket may be missed if you just search in Galaxy’s Edge. The new bucket is only being sold in Tomorrow Land. You can get it filled with popcorn ($27) or filled with french fries at Tomorrowland’s Galactic Grill ($25). Personally I prefer french fries and the price of $25 so it’s win win. Check out more images of the cool popcorn bucket below!

The bucket lights up and the back half flips open to store your food. It’s 18″ long and comes with a strap to carry it around.

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It’s a cool toy afterward and already people are selling them on Ebay. Check out the listings here. They are going for around $60 online so if you have any friends with passes it’s probably best to ask one of them to pick you up one for under $30.

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