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Redditor Creates The Iron Throne For Her Maine Coon

Maine Coons are huge, fluffy and cuddly. And if you’re lucky enough to have one own you then you know the kind of wonderful companionship they can bring. They’re more low maintenance than a dog but just as big. One Redditor decided that she would make her 17-year old Maine Coon the throne of all thrones. You know, the one from “Game of Thrones”. For no reason other than she wanted to find a new place for her friend to sit.

Elly and Steve are the parents to this beautiful creature. His name is Arthur and he is truly the king of cats.

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“I was looking at this cardboard box, a shoe box for children’s boots that my mom had mailed me something in, and I was thinking I could make Arthur a new bed” Elly told Just Something, “I opened it up and it already kind of looked like a chair, so I thought I could make a throne, since we often call him King Arthur. And then I realized the best throne to make would be the Iron Throne”.

And what a great job she did! She even sewed a cushion for her ginormous cat. which is really sweet. Arthur now sits in it as his new favorite spot up on high above all the other creatures below him. A fitting throne for a king of such magnitude.

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